liggghts reader Plugin for Paraview

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Submitted by richti83 on Tue, 11/08/2011 - 15:58

Hi all,

I made a little Plugin for Paraview to read liggghts-dump files directly without using pizza-script.
I expect you use the dump command like this:
dump dmp all custom 100 post/dump_*.liggghts id type type x y z ix iy iz vx vy vz fx fy fz omegax omegay omegaz radius
(extension .liggghts because .dump is used by lammps reader plugin;
the * means that liggghts generate one file per dump-timestep (here 100).

In the attached tar file you will find the source code to cross compile on winXX and a precompiled .so libfile to use with paraview 3.12.0, 64bit,tested on ubuntu 10.04, QT 4.6.4.

For self compiling:
1st Download paraview source tree 3.12 (not the csv one)
2nd build paraview (ccmake & make, shared lib yes !)
3rd ccmake & make liggghts_reader

To activate the plugin go to Paraview->Manage Plugins->Load New.
The Plugin is able to read file-series too !

I hope this will help.
Best wishes from Magdeburg,
C. Richter (OVGU/ILM)

The Plugin is now in the Download Section:

I compiled the reader Plugin with the new Paraview 3.14 stable (64bit)