Our CFDEMcoupling

We have developed a coupled CFD-DEM framework combining the strengths of LIGGGHTS and the leading Open Source CFD package. Our coupled solver runs fully parallel on distributed-memory clusters, providing considerable speed-up compared to other packages limited to single processor computation. Its features are:

+ its modular approach allows users to easily implement new models
+ its MPI parallelization enables to use it for large scale problems
+ the Forum on CFD-DEM gives the possibility to exchange with other users / developers
+ the use of GIT allows to easily update to the latest version

The CFD-DEM framework was developed by Christoph Goniva, with contributions from Alice Hager.

Get hold of it
The latest version of the code is available for download via GIT - please see the CFD-DEM forum for details

Version History
Check out the version history.

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