Installing from Fedora tutorial

Submitted by Misterblobby on Wed, 11/13/2013 - 15:41

Hi all,

No doubt this is very simple, but I don't know Linux well enough to know what's going on.

I have gone through the :official" installation tutorial for Fedora on this website, everything seemingly went smoothly until the last step:

+ Set a following symbolic link for LIGGGHTS (use lmp_fedora if you use the fedora makefile):
+ Type "sudo ln -s /path1/src/lmp_fedora /usr/bin/liggghts"

I ran this command from the home directory with path1 replaced with LIGGGHTS-PUBLIC, which gives an error 'symbolic link already exists'.

I can find no reference to lmp_fedora in the LIGGGHTS-PUBLIC\src directory, and have no idea what "use lmp_fedora if you use the fedora makefile" actually means, which I think is the real problem here!

Any advice would be appreciated. Using Fedora 19.