LIGGGHTS® Open Source Discrete Element Method Particle Simulation Code

DEM stands for Discrete Element Method.
Wikipedia article on DEM


LIGGGHTS® is an Open Source Discrete Element Method Particle Simulation Software.

LIGGGHTS® stands for LAMMPS improved for general granular and granular heat transfer simulations.
LAMMPS is a classical molecular dynamics simulator. It is widely used in the field of Molecular Dynamics. Thanks to physical and algorithmic analogies, LAMMPS offers basic functionalities for DEM simulations. LIGGGHTS® aims to improve those capability with the goal to apply it to industrial applications. LIGGGHTS® is currently used by a variety of research institutions world-wide. A number of Blue Chip companies in the fields of chemical, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, agricultural engineering, food production, steel production, mining, plastics production use LIGGGHTS® for improvement of production processes.


LIGGGHTS®-PREMIUM, the version with additional features for large-scale industrial application, features additionally:

More features added in the meantime and upcoming, see here.

Of course, LIGGGHTS® inherits all the abilities of its "ancestos" LAMMPS:

  • An easy-to-understand structure of the code
  • A flexible scripting language as input to the LIGGGHTS® engine, allowing efficient usage including parameter studies
  • Highly scalable, efficient parallelization using MPI (message passing interface)
  • A variety of MD force fields that can be used alongside with the granular models

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